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Repurposing Your Elearning to Maximize Your Investment

"Our budget is tight - can you help make the most of it?"

The problem

Our client wants to get the most value from the eLearning courses he offers. He had a concept – and the source content – for a program that will appeal to a wide audience of prospective new customers.

He asked Prometheus to help design and develop his initial course so it could be cost-effectively leveraged in multiple ways for the widest-possible range of users and access modes.

Prometheus approach/solution

We worked with our client upfront to learn how he might want to redeploy the training – and how his customers might want to use it. Then we:

  • Designed the initial course in Articulate Storyline, so users can access it from their desktop or iPad.
  • Chunked up the content into short, self-contained mini-modules so users can pick-and-choose the parts they need, and the sequence in which they access them.
  • Used graphics, images and effective screen design to make the training easier for users with reading/language challenges.
  • Designed the screens and developed the content for ease of translation.

That small investment in strong, collaborative upfront design gave a huge boost to the usability – and reusability – of the end result!

Result/benefit to the client

Prometheus’ upfront design and creative follow-through in program development gave the initial course extra “legs” to take it in several very profitable directions for our client.

course development diagram
  • The full course can be made available from our client’s LMS, as a download from our client’s website, or on a CD/DVD – thus making it marketable to a wide range of users. More customers ... more return on investment!
  • The short mini-modules can be marketed separately as inexpensive, stand-alone apps. New sales to current customers! Opens doors to new groups of customers!
  • Any of these versions can be translated to other languages with minimal hassle. Reduced cost of translation.
  • Our client can easily re-brand selected components for his customers to use with their own employees ... and can plug in customized content, as needed. Easy re-branding ...easy customization ... more new customers!

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