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iPad-Ready Elearning and Performance Support for Executives

"Give CEOs the tools to think strategically - and transform their culture from within."

The problem

Our clients, celebrated business visionaries with thriving international consulting practices, shared an ambitious agenda. They wanted to teach CEOs of struggling small/medium businesses – all over the world, in every industry – how to survive and thrive in a swiftly changing marketplace. Our clients had already proven their system and practical processes could transform organizations. Now the challenge was how to extend their outreach, so they could put their program into the hands of CEOs around the world.

Prometheus approach/solution

devices - tablet, desktop, laptop

From the start, it was clear that these clients were looking for more than a “learning program” – they needed a “learning and doing” program. They needed to teach executives a new strategic-thinking system. They also needed a performance-support system that would guide executives as they put theory into practice to create innovative strategies for their businesses, and then brought the rest of the organization onboard to implement the strategies seamlessly. And finally, they needed a deployment vehicle, to make their program accessible while tracking its use.

Collaborating closely with our clients and their virtual teams, Prometheus designed a program that included these elements:

  • Executives and their management teams learn theory and “how to” through a set of high-quality, interactive eLearning modules. The modules include multi-media, case studies and access to proprietary financial calculators, as well as more standard teaching sequences.
  • An Implementation eGuide details step-by-step activities for putting the new skills into action. The activities, which can be completed by individuals or in a group setting (recommended), lead the audience to apply the strategic thinking system in the context of their specific organization. In other words, they literally “learn” and “do” simultaneously.
  • Interactive digital posters allow the capture of implementation findings and lead the organization to create its new strategic plans in real time.
  • Financial calculator tools make it easy for executives to explore alternative strategic scenarios.
  • Webinars and readings provide enrichment on techniques for using the material to transform culture and align the organization to new strategies.
  • Opportunities for virtual consultation sessions with our clients, as well as periodic Masterful Thinking Partner gatherings in which CEOs can confer and learn from one another.
  • A Learning Management System hosts the eLearning content, tracks participation, and makes organization-specific reports available to CEOs regarding their management teams’ progress toward completion.
devices - tablet, desktop, laptop

Result/benefit to the client

Our clients’ ambitious goal was to empower CEOs to transform struggling organizations into thriving ones. That’s why they are excited to offer a comprehensive “learning and doing” toolkit that includes everything a CEO needs to create innovative strategic plans, inspire employees to embrace the plans, and implement the plan seamlessly.

As each element of the program is completed and made available to early-adopters, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Our clients are thrilled to see a “buzz” growing about the program, as the word spreads that their system can provide real, practical solutions for creating breakthough business growth.

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