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Elearning that Works in a Healthcare Environment

"My content is difficult - can you make it more accessible?"

The problem

Our pharma client has a restricted distribution program for a patient therapy that is delivered by intravenous infusion. Healthcare facilities and providers must complete training and certification before they can enroll in the distribution program and administer the therapy. Although they can schedule in-house training for their people, most facilities and providers prefer eLearning so their people can be trained and enrolled on an as-needed basis.

Our client assembled the source content into an online course, using FDA-approved wording and all the mandated content. But that program was very text-dense - just screen after screen of small print that soon blurred out the critical importance of its message.

So the challenge to Prometheus was ... “Here is all the stuff you must cover – and you must incorporate this exact wording. But please, please fix it so people can actually learn from it!"

Prometheus approach/solution

training diagram

First, we conferred with the client to determine what content needed the strongest emphasis, and where providers had the most questions. Then we helped them re-group the content into five key focus areas that would be meaningful to the user.

With that in mind, the Prometheus team:

  • Designed an eye-grabbing template with legible fonts and clear/simple navigation to make the content more accessible.
  • Chunked the content into sections that reflect the focus areas, each with a short, interactive exercise to reinforce critical terms and concepts.
  • Broke up the content on the most text-dense screens to make the information more legible and less formidable.
  • Used strong screen design and creative graphics to emphasize key statements and action items.
  • Softened the highly clinical text with photographs of providers and patients to humanize the message.
  • Retained a serious, professional tone throughout.

Result/benefit to the client

Our client now has a strong, effective, audience-appropriate program that is available 24/7 from their website. It meets all the regulatory requirements and presents all the mandatory text, while also meeting our client’s ultimate goal - people LEARN from it!

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