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Designing for Translation

"Our installers need recertification - in English and Spanish!"

The problem

Our client – a contractor’s association – requires their dealers and installers to be certified in the use of their products. Recertification is required every three years.

The initial training and certification is delivered by master installer/trainers who travel around the country conducting on-the-job classes. The trades people like the hands-on environment, and they appreciate the coaching and support the bilingual instructors can provide. But the mandatory recertification was a big problem for everyone! How could they get everyone re-certified without pulling them off the job?

An eLearning solution would be ideal – but only if it could engage an audience that has little interest in (or patience with) traditional training courses - and only if it could be available in both Spanish and English.

Prometheus approach/solution

devices - tablet, desktop, laptop

Prometheus worked with the association’s content experts and bilingual instructors to build a rigorous but user-friendly eLearning course that their member dealers and installers loved.

We started with English. With our audience and objectives clearly in focus, Prometheus:

  • Made the eLearning easy to navigate and easy to use.
  • Used photos and graphics to show concepts and techniques, keeping screen text to the bare minimum.
  • Wove in realistic examples and interactions to role-model good work practices, professionalism, and job safety, while reinforcing key terminology and concepts.
  • Incorporated practice quiz questions to prepare test-shy learners for the certification test.

When the English version had been vetted and approved, we worked with an in-house installer/translator provided by the client.

  • We repopulated the eLearning with the Spanish text, and collaborated with the translator to verify that every text element was correctly placed.
  • We coached the translator in how to record the narration, and imported the Spanish narration into the course.
  • A second translator QC’d the entire course to double-check the usage, spelling, punctuation, and overall functionality of the Spanish version.

Result/benefit to the client

The client now has a strong, successful, and instructionally sound recertification program for their dealers and installers. The instruction and the testing are rigorous, consistent, and fair. Recertification is available on an as-needed basis, so there are far fewer lapses in certification status. And the program has credibility with the learners, because it truly “speaks the language” of the trade.

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