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Compliance Training for a High-Turnover Workforce

"We want to offer quick, low cost certification for gas station workers."

The problem

The fueling station industry has become more regulated. In many states, the government requires that there must be a safety-certified person on duty whenever a gas station or convenience store has its pumps open to the public. Because many sites have only one employee on duty at certain times of the day, just about every gas station attendant or clerk must be certified.

Our client wanted to create a certification training program that could be taken at the fueling station. Cost-effectiveness was an important factor. Because this workforce had a high turnover rate, no employer wanted to invest a lot of time or money on training. The training needed to be available 24/7, to accommodate any shift. It would be accessed on a gas station computer, usually with no technical support available. The training needed to be appropriate for both native and non-native English speakers, at a wide range of reading levels. And employers needed a way to prove that training had been completed.

Prometheus approach/solution

Cerification Case Study

Our client was a bit surprised at our approach. He wanted to dive right in to creating eLearning content. But we insisted on looking downstream to what would happen after his program was completed. We worked with him to define a publishing strategy first. Once his strategy was in place, we were able to design an eLearning program that would fit his strategy. We decided to build his program using Articulate Studio authoring software. This ensured that the program would be robust and reliable in just about any environment. And because the software could produce SCORM-compatible results, it gave our client the option to grow beyond his starter Learning Management System.

Our next step was the Instructional Design. We kept it simple and streamlined, both to keep costs down and to make the training session as short as possible.

As an industry expert, our client was able to provide lots of content. We worked with him to slender it down, and concentrate on the core messages that he wanted his learners to remember.

We presented the content in a series of clear, easy-to-read, highly illustrated screens. Voice-over narration told the story, and interactive practice screens kept learners engaged while they learned. Section quizzes and a final test filled out the package and ensured that learners mastered the key concepts.

Result/benefit to the client

Our client’s program was just right for the market. Convenience Store Chains and Fueling Station companies were excited to be able to offer this training to their employees in a convenient online format, without breaking the bank.

Because of the flexible learning design and SCORM-compliant software we used, our client was able scale his training to a wide audience of users. As he learned more about his Learning Management requirements, he also was able to change LMS vendors – without needing new versions of his program.

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