Prometheus Training, LLC

Infographics and Art

Communicating complex information

What is the best way to communicate complex information – so that it is meaningful to the learner?

An infographic is a visual rendering of complex information. It creates a context for the information, so the learner can make sense of it.

devices - tablet, desktop, laptop

Infographics can be used to help learners:

  • Pick out the key facts from a spreadsheet of data, and understand why they are important
  • Visualize the steps in a process, so they have a mental map of how to get from here to there
  • Connect emotionally with a complex topic, rather than feeling overwhelmed by it
  • Quickly make data-driven decisions

At Prometheus, we construct infographics to play a special role. During a training session, the infographic is a great tool for helping people learn. After training is over, the infographic becomes a memory jogger, reinforcing key points long after the "learning event" was completed.

To see samples of infographics created by Prometheus, click here.

The art of instructional design

Blame it on the movies, TV, even video games. But the fact is, learners today need visual stimulation in order to get interested and stay interested in a topic.

devices - tablet, desktop, laptop

At Prometheus, we create programs that engage the eye as well as the brain. Each visual element on the eLearning screen is created to communicate both conscious and subconscious messages. The conscious messaging is obvious – that’s all about reinforcing your verbal training content. But the subconscious messaging is important too – as a way of conveying the emotional subtext surrounding your content. Advertisers use this technique all the time. A typical magazine ad has words in it, but it also contains visual elements that reach out and relate to you. The words are the facts. The visuals tell you whether you want to know the facts. At Prometheus, we customize the visual messaging within each program to tell your story – reinforce your brand – and speak to your specific audience. Whether you are targeting c-suite executives, medical professionals, hip urban techno-wizards or convenience store clerks – we can create an appropriate visual environment that works for your audience.

And we can populate that visual environment too – with concept illustrations, super-hero characters, and animations.