Prometheus Training, LLC

Ebooks and Manuals

It’s not true that nobody reads anymore

More and more, reading is being done online. And that opens a whole new world of exciting possibilities for the kind of reading materials you can provide, the ways you disseminate them, and the ways that users can interact with them.

devices - tablet, desktop, laptop

For example, clients come to us for digital books, workbooks, implementation guides, or user manuals. Depending on our client’s preference, we can design the material to:

  • Be downloadable to the end-user’s computer, or be available online only
  • Be printable, or not
  • Contain fields that are interactive, so the end-user can fill them out online and save their responses
  • Make the "written" text come alive on the page, using animations, audio, even video.

Technology is moving fast in this area. If you need digital publications to supplement your eLearning, open up a conversation. We can help you decide which options are the best fit, and then create the publications that you have chosen.

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