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Custom Elearning and Blended Learning

Elearning for today's learners

Elearning is instructional material that is delivered via computer, often via the Internet or a Corporate Server. Self-paced eLearning programs allow learners to complete a course at their own speed, without requiring an instructor. Online webinar-type eLearning requires an instructor/facilitator.

devices - tablet, desktop, laptop

Blended learning is eLearning that is augmented by another learning medium, such as an ebook or infographic or youtube video. Blended learning programs are extremely effective because they allow you to teach both "what you need to know" and also "how to use it in the real world".

Elearning and blended learning have become the modes of choice for today’s learners, because they are:

  • Proven, reliable, instructionally effective
  • Consistent in quality every time the course is given
  • Fast, flexible, easy-access on any type of device
  • Accessible at any location, 24/7
  • Affordable and cost-effective
  • Able to track who has taken training, time spent on training, even test scores

Should eLearning be customized?

One-size doesn’t necessarily fit all. Is your content unique in some way? For example, do you need to train end-users about proprietary systems or content? Do your end-users need to apply knowledge or skills in a special way? Or are you creating educational materials that will be marketed in a unique way? If so, then customized training is for you!

Engaging learners is what we do

One of our all-time-favorite client comments is, "I didn't know that our information was so interesting until I took your course."

Let's face it. The average adult learner rates the training experience right up there with getting a flu shot. They expect a certain amount of sitting around feeling bored, followed by the slight "pinch" of learning something new – but they put up with it because they hope the outcome will be worth it.

At Prometheus, we believe that training doesn't have to be boring or painful. In fact, we're passionate about creating eLearning that engages the learner, with:

  • Clear, concise, insightful writing
  • Tables and charts that simplify and summarize
  • Graphics and media that inspire as well as inform
  • Examples and scenarios that put a human face on tough topics
  • Interactive exercises to keep the learner involved

We are known for creating award-winning, interactive eLearning programs. We are experts at transforming dry, complex topics into engaging, visually exciting programs that engage an audience’s interest so they learn more easily…retain more information…and build skills that can be used immediately in the real world.

Robust, reliable, built on a foundation of excellence

Behind each of our programs is a solid foundation built for success:

  • Experienced instructional designers and eLearning specialists assigned to your eLearning project
  • Proven process for creating successful eLearning - first time and every time
  • Robust, proven eLearning software from award-winning partners such as Articulate
  • A record of excellence and commitment to achieving your eLearning goals

Frequently asked questions

Q: I'm not sure if I'm looking for eLearning or blended learning. Can you help?
A: Absolutely. As part of our service, we work with you to design the program that best fits your training goals and objectives. We can help you decide which approach is the best fit for your situation.

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