Prometheus Training, LLC

Consulting and Instructional Design

Evidence-based advice when you need it

Most of our clients know a lot about their program topic. But often, they need advice about a slew of related topics. Here are some questions we hear a lot:

  • What is the best – and most user-friendly – way to deliver the training or information to the end-user?
  • Is there a way to design a program that can do xxxx?
  • I need a program that can be used for two different purposes. Can you put together a program that can do that?
  • How can we be sure that our eLearning program is robust?
  • How can we stretch our limited resources to achieve the best outcome?
  • What is the best way to monetize our content?

That's where Prometheus comes in. We are here to partner with you, provide you with practical answers based on proven technologies, and then help you achieve your program goals.

Actionable, practical, objective

You will get solid advice that can actually be implemented. No theories and buzzwords, but well-thought-out plans that decision-makers can understand and act upon.

Artful analysis

Our consulting process begins with an analysis to define the end-goals of your project and expose any constraints that might impact which solution to choose. We have had excellent success conducting upfront analyses in organizations of all sizes, whether co-located or far-flung, domestic or global. Experience has taught us what questions to ask, and how to ask those questions in order to get meaningful answers. And we understand the implications of the data -- so we can advise you as to the best solutions to achieve your specific goals.

Proven solutions

Our recipe for eLearning success starts with the best ingredients: We begin with proven principles of Instructional Design and Adult Learning Psychology, to make sure your program is a lean, mean learning machine. We add just the right mix of carefully-chosen, best-of-breed software – so you can be sure that your course will look right and play right, every time. And we season with an experienced, caring crew of specialists who take a personal interest in meeting and exceeding your expectations.

In support of your needs, not ours

We believe in doing right by our clients. In fact, we've been in business too long to operate any other way. Our clients know they can count on us for objective advice. That's why they come back to us, again and again.

Know-how to make your training project succeed

We know a thing or two about Project Management. In fact, we wrote a book on it. And we've participated in the design and development of more training programs than we can count.

So we have quite a bit of practical knowledge to share about how to make training work:

  • Starting up the project to increase the odds for success
  • Building a team and establishing commitment
  • Creating realistic timelines, budgets, and quality guidelines
  • Using a phased design/development approach to maximize productivity and minimize costly re-work
  • Establishing monitoring and review procedures, to catch and correct problems early
  • Implementing the completed program in a way that drives acceptance and buy-in across the organization

How can we help your organization? Contact Us to discuss your consulting or project-management needs.