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Supervisor Training in a Just-in-Time World

New supervisors have a lot to learn. But the traditional supervisory-training model was problematic:

  • Some supervisors work for weeks or even months before their training program starts. By the time the training is available, they have gotten off on the wrong foot.
  • Other supervisors have not quite started their new supervisory positions when the training is available, so they do not yet know what they will need to know.
  • Typically, supervisory training takes anywhere from 3 to 10 days. During the training, supervisors have to struggle to keep abreast of their daily work as well as going to class.

By the time the supervisor encounters some of the problems they learned about during the training, so much time has passed that they have forgotten what they had learned.

In today’s technology-enhanced world, a new model for supervisory training has emerged that solves many of these problems. The new model takes the best of traditional supervisor training, and blends it with eLearning modules.

Typically, the model is formatted this way. Basic supervisory and management skills are packaged as eLearning self-study classes. The eLearning can be off-the-shelf programs, or custom-designed programs that cover content that is specific to the organization. Supervisors can access the e-learning anywhere, anytime, 24/7, and as many times as they want. The programs include some reinforcement and testing, so both the supervisor and management can monitor how the supervisor is progressing.

Classroom training comes later in the supervisor’s tenure. The classroom sessions are shorter, and they can be focused to pinpoint particular problem areas, such as how to deal with a new Performance Evaluation system. Because the supervisors in these classes have already covered the basics, the classroom instructor can spend quality time on helping the supervisors deal with higher-level workplace issues.

The result: Supervisor training that is truly just-in-time, as well as appropriate to the skill-level of the participants. And let’s not forget the easy-on-the-budget benefits of this approach, as well. A careful shopper can find the basic supervisory-skills courses at an attractive discount to traditional training costs. Factor in the increased productivity reaped from reducing each supervisor’s training downtime. And don’t forget to consider the reduction in travel costs. No wonder the just-in-time model of supervisor training is growing steadily in popularity – with supervisors, with HR, and certainly with the CFO.

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Helene Geiger is CEO of Prometheus Training, LLC.

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