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Articulate Studio Cookbook

Our staff is always looking for books and tools to help make elearning-creation easy.  We are devoted fans of the Articulate products and services, so we were particularly excited about the publication below. Enjoy!

Articulate Studio Cookbook: Quick Answers to Common Problems
by Robert Kennedy III [PACKT]
Publishing Ltd, Birminham UK, 2012

This book is the perfect recipe for anyone getting started with Articulate Studio eLearning software.
The problem for most newbies is that eLearning software can be overwhelming at first. You get so wrapped up in all the functionality that you lose sight of when or why you might use any particular function.

The “Cookbook” helps you step back from the functionality and think about the big picture first.  It doesn’t overwhelm you with theory – but is explains clearly and simply, what your development process needs to be, and why.

Then the book walks you through building a course, in small digestible chunks. It’s all laid out logically and painlessly for you, by people who have clearly been there and understand the in’s and out’s of this software.

The book holds your hand as you build a course in each of Studio’s sub-programs individually:  Articulate Presenter, Engage and Quizmaker.  You’ll quickly learn what each sub-program can do, and how to use each function.

Then the book shows you how to combine elements created in Presenter, Engage and Quizmaker into a single eLearning course.  This is an important piece of the puzzle that is neglected in some of the other Studio training books.

If you want to create eLearning using Articulate Studio, this book will get you off to just the right start!

*****Highly Recommended


PACT Publishing: Articulate Studio Cookbook

About the REVIEWER

Helene Geiger is CEO of Prometheus Training, LLC.
Prometheus is the 2007 Articulate Guru Awards winner.

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