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How to Tell if Custom Training Makes Sense for Your Organization

Sometimes a generic training program will give your organization the skills improvement it needs. But other times, you need something special – something uniquely tailored for your audience, your processes, your strategic initiatives.

Here is a checklist of reasons why other organizations have chosen to use custom training. Does your organization share these attributes?

Our people need to learn a topic, but I can’t find off-the-shelf training anywhere.

We need to teach an unusual combination of knowledge and skills.

We need to get our employees used to using a new process or procedure that is unique to our organization.

We need to train our people about topics that are confidential to our organization.

We need to make sure that our employees are aligned and able to work as a team to implement our new process or initiative.

We want to make sure our people can use their learning when they get back on the job, by giving them examples and practice scenarios that reflect our real-world experiences.

We want to leverage the knowledge of our Subject-Matter Experts or Process Specialists in the training program.

We want our in-house trainers to deliver the training, whether in the classroom or online.

We want to re-use our current training materials, but packaged to deliver over the computer.

We want to be able to train an unlimited number of people, without paying a per-person training fee.

Our training material needs to be updated frequently. We want to be able to update it ourselves.

We have different training audiences, each needing to apply the skills in a different way and with a different knowledge level.

Our global company needs to translate and localize the training material for different regions.

Our conglomerate needs to rebrand and adapt the training for its various subsidiaries.

We want to offer an in-house certificate program, to ensure learning and motivate our staff.

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