Prometheus Training, LLC

How We Work

We don't expect clients to be eLearning experts

At Prometheus, our goal is to make your path to custom eLearning simple and straightforward.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Single point of contact. Right from the start, you’ll be given an Instructional Design specialist to make sure your program is a success. Your ID specialist will talk to you about your requirements, help you choose the best design options, and stay involved throughout the course-creation process. If you have problems or questions, you’ll always know who to call.
  • Knowledgeable project management. Your ID specialist will be experienced in creating online courses – and managing these projects start to finish. So you can rest assured that someone is watching your timeline and budget – and helping you to make choices that are in keeping with your time, cost, and quality goals.
  • State-of-the-art instructional design. We use a standard instructional design model (ADDIE), but modify it somewhat to reflect the realities of today’s rapid-development environment. We’ve used this approach successfully for projects of every size, scale and scope.
  • Clear schedules and accountabilities. We’ll provide a schedule so you know what to expect, and when. The schedule will include task items for the Prometheus team – and if there are client to-do’s, we’ll add them to the list so you know when your time and attention are required.
  • Review/approval points. We build in interim review/approval points throughout the process. So you will have plenty of chances to monitor and refine how your custom program is progressing.
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FAQs about how we work:

Q: My content is proprietary. Will Prometheus sign a confidentiality agreement?
A: Yes, we are happy to sign an agreement relating to keeping your proprietary content confidential.
Q: What will a custom eLearning program cost?
A: Pricing is based on course length, complexity and type of media required. We build a custom quote at the beginning of each program, based on your unique blend of requirements and specifications.
Q: Do you price your work on a per-project basis or a time+expenses basis?
A: Either, depending on the client’s preference.
Q: We love your work but our budget is low. Is there any way that Prometheus can help us?
A: Every client has budget constraints. In many cases, we can help you find lower-cost media elements or work-arounds that can ease your budget pains considerably.